A Pirate's Treasure

Once upon a time there were two little princess girls named Kaitlyn and Kara. They loved to play outside in their tree house. It had a tire swing, a telescope on the roof, a table and chair inside, and a great little porch. They even attached a bucket to a rope so it would be easy to bring things up and down. Kaitlyn and Kara had very creative imaginations and were always making up wonderful adventures.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to play in their tree house. Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara got all their play things together and started up the ladder. They were putting everything away inside the tree house when all of a sudden they heard someone shout "Ahoy me mateys." Kaitlyn went to the telescope to take a closer look. "Kara, come here quick," Kaitlyn shouted. Kara went to the telescope and looked out. There was a big pirate ship, with a scary flag and a real pirate. "Hello, there me little Princess Pirates," said the pirate. "I am Captain Hopsalot, Pirate of all the seas. And who might ye be?" he asked "
We are Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara. Can we come and see your ship?" they asked.
"Yo Ho Ho, of course," said the Captain. "Please come aboard."
Captain Hopsalot was actually a very friendly and nice pirate. He had a patch on one eye and a parrot on his shoulder that squawked. He wore a big pirate hat and had a funny wooden leg and a hook on one hand. When the Princess Girls reached the ship they had magically changed into two little Pirate Girls. They wore pink bandanas on their heads, pirate shirts and pirate pants. They had pirate boots and even a necklace with a bag of gold doubloons inside. Once aboard the ship, Captain Hopsalot told the girls a grand tale of how he got his funny name. He said he was out on the sea one day when a big mean shark jumped out of the water and bit off his leg and his hand.
"Ever since then,"he said " me had to hops a lot to get around. Now, of course, I have me hook and me wooden peg. Yo Ho Ho, I don’t know why the name stuck," Captain said with a laugh. He went on to tell the two Pirate Girls that he has been sailing the seas ever since, hoping to find that mean old shark and get his leg and hand back. The Pirate Girls played all day with Captain Hopsalot and his parrot. They talked about sailing around the oceans and finding treasures. "Yo Ho Ho, me mateys, come on up to the top deck," said the Captain. "I have something wonderful I want to show you."
"I wonder what it could be," said Pirate Kara. "Maybe it is what he has in that big chest we saw."

The two Pirates Girls scurried up to see what the Pirate Captain wanted to show them. Pirate Kara was right. It was a big treasure chest full of gold and jewels. "I have found all these jewels and gold on my many travels," he said. "I thought that maybe you two Pirate Girls would like to share in me bounty."
"Oh, Wow, yes yes yes" said the two Pirate Girls at exactly the same time. "We would love to. We have never had a real treasure before."
"You girls have been me good mateys all day and I think you deserve a treasure of your own." Said Captain Hopsalot, with a smile. Then he pulled a large black bag out from his coat pocket. It had a skull and cross bones on it like the pirate flag and it was tied with a red rope. Captain Hopsalot opened the bag with his hook and with his other hand he began filling it with treasure. The Pirate Girls could hardly believe their eyes. When it was full, the Captain tied it tight with the red rope.
"Now me hardies, I have one more special gift for you,"said the Captain. He reached deep into the treasure chest and pulled out a pirate flag, just like the one on his ship. "Here,"he said. "This flag is for your tree house. Yo Ho Ho, Fly it high for all to see."

"Oh thank you, Captain Hopsalot,"said the two Pirate Girls.They took their bag of treasure and their flag and headed back to their tree house. The bag was way too heavy to carry up the tree house ladder, so they put it in the bucket, along with their flag, and hoisted it up.

When they finally had it up in their tree house, they took out the pirate flag and put it right on top of the tree house roof, next to their telescope. "It’s perfect," said Pirate Kaitlyn. "Yo Ho Ho, Yes, it is," laughed Pirate Kara. The two Pirate Girls waved good bye to their new friend. "This was the best pirate day ever," yelled Pirate Kaitlyn

"I hope we will see you again one day. And we hope you find that mean old shark."

"Yo Ho Ho, me Pirate Mateys," said Captain Hopsalot. "I know we will have many more great sea adventures together."

And with that he waved good bye and was gone. At that very moment, the Pirate Girls magic was gone too. They were just Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara once more.

                             The End


  • Magical Island Adventures
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Pirates Treasure
  • Mermaid's Picnic

Mirror Mirror

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were two little Princess Girls named Kaitlyn and Kara. They lived in a beautiful big pink castle just outside of the enchanted forest. The Princess Girls liked to spend the warm summer days running and playing in the woods. One afternoon, Kaitlyn and Kara were walking down the path in the forest when they came upon two charming grasshoppers.

"Hello," said Kaitlyn. "What are you doing here?"
"Hello to you," said the grasshoppers. "My name is Jose Grasshopper," he said. He was dressed in a red and white striped tie and he wore a funny yellow hat. "This is my wife, Suzanne," he said. Mrs. Grasshopper wore a big pink hat with hearts and a pink ribbon. She even had on a lovely necklace "Who are you?"asked Mrs. Grasshopper.
"We are the Princesses Kaitlyn and Kara. We live in the big castle at the end of the road."

"We are on our way to the magic lake to see our reflection," said Jose "Do you know where it is?"

"Oh yes," said the Princess girls. "We play here in the enchanted forest all the time. Just follow us."
Princess Kaitlyn, Princess Kara, Jose the grasshopper, and his wife Suzanne began their journey down the path, through the forest to the magic lake. "There it is!" shouted Jose with excitement. "I think I can see it."Jose was right. There, in the distance, was the magic reflection lake. It has been a legend throughout the magic kingdom, that only those who have been chosen worthy will see their true self. Not everyone who comes to the reflection pond will experience the magic reflection. However, if they have been selected by the magic powers of the lake, they will surely see their true destiny and live happily ever after.
"Oh my goodness," said Suzanne. "It is so beautiful. It is so much more than I expected. There is even a castle in the trees." Suzanne could hardly believe her eyes.
Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara looked at each other. They had been to the lake many times and had never noticed a castle there hidden amongst the trees.
"Oh Jose," said Suzanne, "Do you really think that we will be one of the chosen?"
"Well," he said "There is only one way to find out." They held hands and walked down to the water’s edge. "I must say," said Jose the grasshopper. "I am a little nervous to look. What if I don’t see anything different? What if being a grasshopper is all I am meant to be?"
"Don’t worry, Jose" said the Princesses. "If you are meant to be a grasshopper, than I am sure you will be the best grasshopper in the land."
Jose and Suzanne closed their eyes, took a deep breath and leaned over the water. "Wow!! Oh my goodness", said the Princess Girls both at once. "Look, look, look at your reflections." The two grasshoppers slowly opened their eyes. To their amazement the reflection looking back at them was more than they could ever have dreamed of. Could it be? Was it real? The reflection was a Prince and Princess looking back at them. The two grasshoppers backed away from the edge for a minute, then looked in the water again. It was still the same. A Prince and Princess stared right back at them. "I think that yellow castle over there is for us," Jose said with a chuckle. Everyone agreed, so they all walked to the end of the path leading to the castle. Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara were sure that once the grasshoppers entered the castle they would be forever a Prince and Princess.
Jose and Suzanne thanked the girls for their kindness and walked to the castle. Slowly they opened the big castle door and went inside. A few minutes passed and Jose and Suzanne grasshopper came outside. "What happened?" asked Kaitlyn "You are still grasshoppers.

The magic didn’t work." Both the girls were so sad for Jose and Suzanne. "Awe, don’t be sad," said Suzanne "The magic worked perfectly. Whenever we look into a mirror we only see ourselves as the Prince and Princess. So we are going to put up mirrors all over the castle to make sure that we will always be able to see the magical reflection."
And that is just what they did.

Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara often stopped by the yellow castle to visit their new friends, Prince Jose and Princess Suzanne. They may just be grasshoppers to everyone else, but on the inside they will always be a Prince and Princess to each other.

The legend of the magic reflection lake was true. Jose and Suzanne Grasshopper did live happily ever after.


         THE END


Magical Island Adventure

The beautiful pink sea shell looked like any other ordinary shell from the outside, but the inside of the magic sea shell was like a huge beautiful palace. It was just the perfect place for two little Princess Girls and a hermit crab to live.

The pink sea shell also had a secret. It had magic powers. Hermie the hermit crab had lived in it for many many years and he knew all the wonderful things that were possible. He wanted to share the magic with his best friends, Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara.

It all began one day when Kaitlyn and Kara were wishing they could visit a super wonderful amazing place. Hermie knew just what to do. He gathered everyone around the table and held their hands. Hermie told them to close their eyes and say the magic words: OOM PAH* OOM PAH* OMM PAH PAH BOO!

Everything got dark and quiet. Then the magic began…
The ocean water started to swirl and the wind started to blow…
And then …
SWOOSH … it happened.
They opened their eyes and Kaitlyn and Kara ran over to the window and looked out. They couldn’t believe what they saw. Right in front of them was a strange and beautiful island. It wasn’t like any island they had ever seen before. The shell rolled gently up on the shore. Hermie the hermit crab was the first to get out and look around. "C’mon." he said. "This will be  a  great adventure."

They had landed on DINOSAUR ISLAND.There were all kinds of funny dinosaurs in all different shapes and colors. Everyone was having a wonderful time when all of a sudden they heard a terrible noise. The dinosaurs said it was Snarky and he was a very crabby and unhappy dinosaur. "Why is he so unhappy?" Princess Kaitlyn asked. "He is grumpy because no one will play with him. He sneezes fire out of his nose and burns everything down."

Kaitlyn, Kara and Hermie decided to go find Snarky and see if they could help him. The noise got louder and louder. Finally, there he was….

Snarky looked really scary and sad. Kaitlyn, Kara and Hermie weren’t afraid. They walked right up to him and said, "Hello Mr. Dinosaur." Snarky was not impressed. More fire shot out of his nose."Go away and leave me alone." he sneezed, sending fire everywhere. Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara told Snarky to hold his breath so he wouldn’t sneeze. Then they each reached up and quickly gave him a kiss on the nose. Snarky had never had a real kiss before. He felt Happy inside. Then before he realized what was happening, Snarky magically changed into a friendly, loveable dinosaur.

The rest of the dinosaurs all jumped for joy. "Oh thank you Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara for giving us back a happy Snarky," they said. "We will all try to make sure he doesn’t sneeze anymore." Snarky was so happy to be back again with all his dinosaur friends.

It was time for Princess Kaitlyn, Princess Kara, and Hermie the hermit crab to get back to their sea shell. The dinosaurs gathered on the beach to say good bye to their new friends. The Princess Girls blew everyone a kiss.

Back safe inside their sea shell once again, the Princess Girls went and got their memory book down from the shelf. They gathered up their crayons and art supplies and began creating the first page of their Island Adventure Memory Book. When they were finished, Princess Kara closed the book and put it back on the shelf. The three friends sat down together and held hands. Once again they closed their eyes and said the magic words: OOM PAH* OOM PAH* OOM PAH PAH BOO!
The water started to swirl, the wind started to blow … SWOOSH …

They opened their eyes and looked out at all their friends swimming by their window. There was: Tommy Turtle, Sally Star Fish, Sammy the Sea Horse, Nemo, and Larry the Lobster. The Princess Girls and Hermie knew they were back at home once again.

Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara had many wonderful island adventures with Hermie. 
"I am so happy that we made our memory book," said Kara. "Oh me too." said Kaitlyn. "Now we can look at our book whenever we want and we will always remember what fun we had."

                     THE END

We love using our imaginations and pretending we are great adventurers.

We can be anything we want to be. There are absolutely no limitations to where we can go or what we can do. It is all in the magic of the story.

There really is a 4th dimension. It is called being a Grandma. Once you have crossed over, the possibilities are endless. Finally, the time has arrived to open the box and let out the inner child that that been asleep inside of you for years.

Now you can safely return to your own childhood and experience the world in the eyes of your grandchild without criticism or judgment.

          After all…it is a moral imperative

Grandma's Corner

Mermaid's Picnic

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, lived two little Princess Girls named Kaitlyn and Kara. One beautiful summer day the Princesses packed a picnic basket full of all their favorite things to eat, and headed down the path to the enchanted forest.

It wasn’t long before the two Princess Girls came across a lake with a beautiful waterfall. "I think I hear someone singing", said Princess Kaitlyn. "Me too", said Princess Kara. "I wonder where it is coming from. It is so beautiful." The two girls walked a little further and the song got even louder. There, right in front of them, were three beautiful mermaids. They were singing and swimming and playing in the waterfall. The song they were singing was something the Princess Girls had never heard before. Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara stood and listened for a few minutes. "Hello, Princesses," said one of the mermaids. "Come closer and play with us."
The two Princess Girls walked slowly over to the water where the mermaids were playing. "Hello to you all,"said Princess Kara with a smile. "We are the Princesses that live in the big castle at the end of this road. We were just on our way to have a picnic. Maybe you would like to join us."

"We have never had a picnic before," said one of the mermaids. "I think it would be lovely. Our names are Lilly, Rose, and Violet. We were named after our favorite flowers. Would you girls like to come and swim with us?"

"Ahhhh, we have never been swimming before and we don’t actually know how." said Kaitlyn in a whisper.
"Oh, don’t worry, silly," said Violet "Our lake has magic mermaid powers. Once you jump in you will be mermaids just like us and can swim and play all day." Princess Kaitlyn put the picnic basket down on the grass and set every thing out for their lunch. "We will come swimming and play with you if you will then come join us for our picnic lunch," said Princess Kaitlyn.
Everyone agreed and with that, both Princess Girls jumped into the water. It was magical. Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Kara were now just like the other mermaids. They swam under the waterfall and played hide and go seek. The mermaids even taught them their special song to sing. It wasn’t long before everyone was getting tired of playing and ready for lunch. "I am so excited to have my very first picnic," said Rose the mermaid. "Me two, said Lily". "Me three," Said Violet.
Everyone ate and had a wonderful time. The Princesses planned to picnic with their new friends again soon.

                           The End

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